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COVID-19 Update:

We are offering secure Telehealth services during our normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. 

We are providing consultations for parents and neuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescents.   Please email for more information. 



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When to Seek Help

Why Should I Seek Your Help?
*Your child is not successful in school and needs an evaluation to determine if there is something interfering with their ability to learn
*Your child was evaluated by the school and was NOT identified to receive special services and is still not doing well
*You feel that your child is bright yet not doing as well as you think they should in school
*Your child spends an excessive amount of time completing their homework
*Your child struggles with sustained attention and concentration --loses focus unless very interested --has trouble staying alert --has excellent days and poor days --has trouble finishing things he/she starts --doesn't concentrate long enough --easily distracted --daydreams *displays hyperactive and/or impulsive behaviors --doesn't think ahead before acting --has trouble planning work --tends to do things too quickly --doesn't see errors in own work --often does the first thing that comes to mind
*You suspect that your child might be gifted but don’t know if it matters or if it means anything
*Your child works very hard yet is earning below grade level marks
*Your child does poorly on state mastery tests with no apparent reason
*Your child struggles with reading  or seems to be behind his/her friends in reading mastery
*Your child displays weak writing or reading comprehension skills
*The school district has refused to evaluate your child or they already have evaluated your child and their evaluation has been inconclusive
 *You are wondering if the school district made the correct interpretations involving your child's testing data
*The recommendations, modifications and/or accommodations made at the IEP or 504 meeting do not seem to be meeting your child's needs
*Your child does not seem autistic but does seem socially unsuccessful and may be a bit ‘different’ than most
*Your pediatrician suspects that your child might be high functioning autistic or learning disabled or have attention deficit disorder and suggests an evaluation
*Determining eligibility for test accommodations on standardized examinations (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT)
*Your son/daughter is enrolled in college and needs to attain services/accommodations from the learning resource center and (1) they have never been tested, (2) they need to be re-tested because their documentation is older than three years, or 3) their documentation is incomplete
*You are a young adult who either in college, is finishing college but is still unclear about what to do in life
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