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Understanding your childwith Dr. Rita
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Dr. Rita has been conducting IQ testing for children, teens and young adults for over 20 years.  She recognizes that people with gifted intelligence need to be identified as they often exhibit special needs in terms of meeting their cognitive potential needs.  

Parents interested in making an application for their children to additional various gifted programs, such as the Davidson Institute, Mensa, or The Mirman School, or other schools, need to have their child assessed with an IQ test.  

Dr. Rita Eichenstein, in collaboration with The Mirman School for Gifted Children in Los Angeles,  is one of the licensed psychologists designated to conduct IQ testing which would to allow a child to apply for admission.  She has been working with the Mirman School in this capacity for over 15 years.  

Administering an IQ test usually takes approximately 90 minutes for children, but the parent feedback time varies.  Sessions can range from 90 minutes to over 120 minutes, depending on what parents choose.  All testing packages need to be chosen in advance of the testing date.  

There are several testing packages available

1. BASIC IQ:  IQ test and score only (no feedback beyond score) - this is for the Mirman School candidates only, although parents can choose to both apply to Mirman AND choose an enhanced package for more information.   

2. ENHANCED IQ:  IQ test, score and in-depth feedback for parents discussing your child's strengths and possible challenges, including school choices

3. ENHANCED IQ PLUS WRITTEN REPORT:  IQ test, score, in-depth feedback for parents, plus detailed written report 

4.  ENHANCED IQ PLUS EDUCATIONAL SCREENING:  This includes IQ testing, academic screening, in-depth feedback plus written report 

In addition to the above, if parents would like to schedule additional sessions with Dr. Rita to discuss their child's learning style or address other personal concerns, additional time will be scheduled as needed.  

For IQ testing, children will take one of the following Wechsler tests:
WPPSI IV (ages 4-6) (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence, Fourth Edition) 
WISC V (ages 6-16) (Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children, Fifth Edition) 

For teens over 16 and young adults, the following is offered: 

WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales, Fourth Edition) 

The Stanford Binet 5 is an IQ test which is also available as an alternative test, however the Wechsler Scales are the primary test offered.  If a parent has questions about which test to administer, this should be discussed in advance of your appointment, as children can only take one IQ test during their scheduled session.  

For IQ testing information, rates and and scheduling: please contact 

Dr Rita Eichenstein:  [email protected]


Dr Nicole Vale [email protected]  



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