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Understanding your childwith Dr. Rita
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Dr. Rita Eichenstein offers in-depth assessments of children, teens and young adults, with a process approach is client centered,  compassionate, and is based on the latest neuroscience research.  Dr. Rita is committed to providing families with the most current evidence-based support available.  

The goal of an assessment is to gain an understanding of how a young person's brain, behavior and emotions interface with the demands in their lives.  The assessment will provide insight, structure a treatment plan with specific goals, and provide an emphasis on clear  feedback to help both parents and children address current  challenges and long range planning.  

Together with each client and their family, Dr. Rita works to build on a child's strengths and structured an individualized plan to help that child achieve life goals and provide parents peace of mind.


  • Identification and Accommodations for Learning Disabilities and ADHD
  • Diagnoses and Recommendations for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Delays
  • Gifted IQ testing
  • Extended Time Testing for all nationally normed examinations:  ISEE>SAT>ACT>LSAT>MCAT>GRE
  • Elementary, High School and College Accommodations
  • Parenting Support for Atypical Children 



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